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About My CC

My Closet Confidentials = My CC

Somewhere in 2013 Madeline packed up shop (InBloom Studio in Menlo Park, Pretoria – which she did buy back in November 2014)  and decided to commit herself fully & totally to her husband, three small children & her own wardrobe.

Having planned many wardrobes and having shopped for & with many clients whilst being a boutique owner, combined with her absolute love & support for women with drive & character, she founded a new one-woman venture and registered My Closet Confidentials (Pty) Ltd in January 2014. Apart from opening a My CC Training Academy, Madeline wants to grow this business into a team of qualified, socialite, networker stylists, personal shoppers & wardrobe planners.

She also recently added a series of ‘tangible products’ to the company’s previously exclusive service offering:

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Although these products have taken the business into a completely new direction, Madeline’s passion for wardrobes, her clients and this industry remains.

On this site you can read her blog where she shares new trends, her own wardrobe (& kitchen cupboard) secrets, what she has learnt in life & in business thus far, and her journey on how she continues to learn and grow every day.