The Boyfriend T


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Something happens in the mind of a woman who wears her man’s shirt or tee and then being told how sexy she looks…

At my age, with my type of fast-paced lifestyle and still having a great love for fashion, I want to wear outfits that make me feel confident and look effortless & relaxed rather than ‘skin-tight-glamour-puss-uncomfortable’. Once I gave boyfriend jeans and boyfriend blazers a try, I was hooked on men’s clothes. Rocking the boyfriend tee as the chicest Summer trend for 2017 has my stamp of approval.

I got my tee’s from InBloom Studio for R 400 each. They are available in dark grey and white. Wear them tucked in, with your choice of glammed up accessories, heels or boots. On cooler days, add a cardi or blazer. On warmer days wear them with seriously distressed jeans and pumps or sneakers.

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