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  • Water Bed | Life Hack #3


    A short little post on taking a glass of water to bed at night. Sounds like a silly life hack but the reasons for doing it: If you should wake up during the night, thirsty, you won’t have to wake up completely. You can have a drink and go straight back to sleep = better […]

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  • Bulletproof


    For some time now, I skip breakfast. Easily. But, I drink a VERY heavily loaded cup of coffee called: Bulletproof coffee. Being a fan of the work of Dave Asprey (click to read about him) I started taking in more fats (good fats) and cutting out more carbs, which have really worked for my energy […]

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  • Make Your Bed | Life Hack #2


    When I first heard Tim Ferriss say that he makes his own bed every morning, I thought “what?!” In his podcast #105 Morning Rituals That Help Me Win The Day, I listened to him explain: it is something controlled and your first accomplishment for the day. I thought about it, read up on it and started doing it. Here’s […]

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  • On Trend: Tassels


    Spring 2016 and the time to update your wardrobe with the key trends for the season is here! The easiest way to update your look for right now isn’t a new shoe, or the right shape & shade of denim. It’s a much smaller, seemingly insignificant, frivolous bit of fluff that only those in the […]

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  • Coconut Oil | Life Hack #1


    I’ve used coconut oil as a skin moisturizer and for cooking (amongst other things) for most of my adult life. I stopped for a very short while for no apparent reason other than that I never remembered to stock up on it again. After asking one of my favorite Indian clients about her beautiful skin and […]

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  • On Trend: Back Packs


    In some rushed moment we’ve all wished we could pass our purses to someone and have our hands free… The fashionable solution if such a dilemma is your reality, is to opt for a backpack. Not only are they hot current on-trend accessories, but also completely effortless. Some of my favorites by Topshop, Zara, Louis […]

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  • The Boyfriend T


    Something happens in the mind of a woman who wears her man’s shirt or tee and then being told how sexy she looks… At my age, with my type of fast-paced lifestyle and still having a great love for fashion, I want to wear outfits that make me feel confident and look effortless & relaxed […]

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  • Our site is back up!


    After being hacked by some Islamic movement, our website is finally back up and running. Better than ever this time around and complete with an online shopping section where you can purchase authentic designer items, and other amazing items we found & loved. I’m so looking forward to using this platform to communicate my thoughts […]